So many mirrors, that the heart stops!

Are you sure that you can find the exit?

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Now novelty! Mirror Maze!


6.99 EUR


3.50 EUR

Group ticket
(7 persons and more)

5.99 EUR


Mirror Maze

The Spiegellabyrinth Berlin (Mirror Maze Berlin) is a unique and exciting attraction that leads into the magical world of joy and fun. The Mirror Maze was designed to make an impression of infinite corridors and optical illusions. Large-scale mirrors, by skilful arrangement, feign infinite corridors and, at the same time, constitute barriers which prevent a simple passage through the labyrinth. The use of mirrors irritates the perception of the viewer and also creates uncertainty in regard to his own location. It's a one of the most popular places for children, teenagers and the whole family. Do not let the incredible experience escape and get lost with us!


6.99 EUR - Adults
5.99 EUR - Children

3.5 EUR - Group ticket (7 persons and more)

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Questions and Answers

Do you have to book/reserve online?

No, you can also buy tickets comfortably on-site.

From what age do children have to pay?

Children pay an entrance fee from the age of 2 years.

Can you book tickets online with a family pass?

No, with a Berlin pass you can only buy tickets on-site.

From when do you count as a group?

From 7 persons you count as a group, and pay 3.50€ per person.

Can you come by spontaneously without an appointment?

Yes, you are welcome to come by spontaneously.

Please, do not worry, when you cannot come on time. We are always available for you during our opening hours!

Kontakt / Contact

Opening hours are:
Monday to Friday 12 - 18 hours
On weekends from 11 - 18 hours

Friedrichstrasse 207
10969 Berlin

+49 176 228 83 721


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